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Sunday, June 1

Conversation post: Sunday, 1st June

Hello, all - this is just my attempt to provide a daily anchor post in the community, one that allows people to have a conversation that's at least a little like the conversations we used to have in LINDA. Just respond to this post with whatever you want, and we can have the conversation here. I'll start a new one every Sunday so that one post won't get humongous (she stops, laughs ruefully, then goes on).

So what happens if a conversation lasts more than a week? We'll figure that out when it happens.

That doesn't mean you can't post separate posts here - far from it! This is just an experiment to see how we can keep multiple conversations in one place.

And I can start by asking how everyone spent last evening; if you dropped in at all on TWoP or Linda to make your goodbyes. I saw some of you there, and was amazed at the amount of emotion with which folks were posting, especially in the "Goodbye TWoP" thread.

I was successful in capturing all the Doctor Who General Gabbery threads, and I'll now be figuring out whether I can put the whole set in a zip file that would be manageable to email, for the folks who wanted them, or whether I might have to get them to you via Dropbox or Gdocs. I'll let people know.