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Welcome !

Welcome to oncoming_recaps, a LiveJournal community dedicated to reverseing the decision made by the website Television Without Pity to cancel their editorial coverage of the revived version of Doctor Who. Thank you for joining the campaign.

Before you go any further, please take a moment to read our FAQ. We encourage members to continually re-check the FAQ, as it is subject to change.

Once you'd read that, please stop by our introductions post, and let us know who you are. We always enjoy seeing new faces around the community.

Please refer to our tag list for easy navigation of the community.

If you need to get in touch with any of us, and it's something you don't want to go through our handy Page-A-Mod service, or if you're more inclined to communicate via email, please email us here: torcaps1@gmail.com. We ask that, in the subject of the email, if you are looking to get in touch with a specific person, please put it in the suvject line of your email; eg- "TO opalember FROM Christopher E: Dinner Tonight?" LiveJournal Members: Please include your lj name in the body of your message. If you're a TWoP member, it'd be nice to know your nickname over there, too.


and opalember

Moving Forward....some more

In the coming days, I'll be changing much of the wordage round these parts, to reflect the change in our mission status.

As such, I present to you all, my lovely and faither TORCappers: the Doctor Who Tubey's Kids thread on TWoP. I figured if I put this up, ya'll could cross pollinate and we could begin working on amassing funds for the next charity auction. We may be getting an Extra Special, All Encompassing, multi-weecap Series 3 thing from Jacob in a few weeks, but why not strive for something more? The next time TWoP calls for donations, we should be ready to lead the charge, following in the steps of the mighty Scapers, who won themselves so many recaps they got a cancelled television show that was no longer producing episodes elevated to Active Status.

Just a thought.

Now, go forth and fundraise!

Back and Back and Back to Satellite Five

Little Farscape reference in there for all the 'Scapers among us.

Well, kids, the Great Recap ReRead is up to Bad Wolf, in which we get thrown into my own personal hell: a world in which there is no television but reality shows. Jack's gettin' nekkid with some big-titted robots (no, not the cast of "Girls Next Door), Rose fights for her life against the bitchiest game show host ever (not Pat Sayjack), and Nine's stuck in the Big Brother House (but luckily there's no crazy racist stuff happening). Go read the recap
and then talk about it on the forums.

Sorry this reminder's being posted so late. It just occured to me that yesterday was Tuesday. I just started a new job and I'm all mixed up with days and such.

Go forth and read...and discuss!

Universe, End of the

chan Professors, Captains, Imminent Doom - it's "Utopia!" tho
Welcome to the end of the universe (rather dark there)  and the beginning of something else (even darker.) Join the Doctor and his trusty crew on SciFi tonight as they meet up with more than they expect. We guarantee you'll want to talk about this one after you see it! (Check your local listings for time.)

(Oh, and don't forget - we're still looking for your ideas on the future of The Oncoming Recaps...don't be shy!)

Blon on Blon...re-read all about her

Do Blons really have more fun?
It's time to find out by re-reading the recap of Boom Town, and seeing what happens when Cardiff is threatened by Blon ambition, how the Team Supreme (and Mickey, too) deals with her, and what comes of leading a boyfriend on one adventure too long. See you over at the newly redecorated Television Without Pity, and we invite you to drop by back here to share your thoughts, and any "Blon" puns you can think of.

Sofa, Behind the

Spooky Seraphim...
...Further, deponent saith naught. Just do this: when the Doctor finds his way to SciFi tonight, you find yourself a pillow, a pal, and a pair of wide, wide eyes. Oh, and don't Blink.

Good luck...

Doing the Tuesday is WHOsday gavotte

It Takes Two to Tango. No, Make That Three. And now we can remember the dance, with the recap reread of The Doctor Dances. Funny, scary, poignant and perhaps ultimately transcendent, the show prompted some of our best thoughts and one fantastic retelling by Jacob. So go and read it here - then post your thoughts!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Alright, folks. Here it is: the official "Now What" post. As the lovely and talented kaffyr posted the other day, although the campaign to bring the recaps back has ended (cuz hey, we did it!), oncoming_recaps marches onward, bravely going where we've never gone before; which, face it, is pretty much anywhere we bloody well want to.

That being said, we're asking you what you'd like to see us do next. Shall we rally the troops and being assembling funds for a Tubey's Kids Charity Recap, so that we might be able to buy a S3 (or 4, depending on when the next charity drive is) recap and give the money to a worthy cause? Another option might be for people to post their own recaps here, in the flavor of the TWoP recaps we've come to know and love. Or we could become another (fabulous) Doctor Who related community.

Whatever you want to do with this lovely space I designed (with help from the LJ layouts, natch), and that we TORTs strove to build, we're ready to listen. So bring it on, friends, Romans, countrymen; aquaintances, Canadians, sassy ladies; strangers, British, multiforms...you get the idea.


The show, she goes on....

Now? Now? It's time for Blood Now?
    Yes. Yes, it is. After one week's delay - said delay kicking off a Labor Day weekend during which we all, undoubtedly, enjoyed SciFi's latest incarnation of "Son of Mansquito vs. Gargoyles from Vancouver Island" - it's finally time to settle in tonight for Family of Blood. Check your local SciFi listings, brew your tea, (although a shot of something a tad more stimulating might not be amiss) and make sure the box of tissues is close at hand.
    (What? You thought we wouldn't be letting you know this just because of our earlier enjoyable news? Pish-tosh!
    See you over at TWoP to dissect this one. Once everyone's recovered their composure, mind.

The Great Recap ReRead marches on!

Even though the campaign has ended, we still encourage everyone to participate in the Great Recap ReRead, marching on since July, 2007. Up this week: The Empty Child. Rose hanging from a barrage balloon, creepy gas mask kids, and Captain Jack. Fun for the whole family! Make sure, after you reread the recap, to swing by the discussion thread to post your thoughts about the episode.


Correspondence of Importance

Latest News from the Front - Huzzah! Acceptable Victory!

By courier,  to the public - It is with pleasure that we announce the following, from Jacob, as delivered from his hand to ours on Wednesday, 29th August, and delayed but two days due to the vicissitudes of the journey:
     Just posted in the DWMM: Wing and I have agreed on one FINAL recap, a page-per-episode run through the season something like this, examining the overarching themes of the season and (possibly) including a funny page-long review of the first season of Torchwood before the three finale episodes.
    She was very clear that this is the last! ever! final! thing she's going to let me do in the section, but I think it'll be worth it.
    You guys are so great. Thanks so much, and please give the Oncomers my love.
We know many of you, faithful readers, have already seen Jacob's newsworthy missive in the Meet Market, but we would have been unforgivably remiss in our charges - to our mission, and from him - had we not brought this information to you with the utmost dispatch.

...and with that, we gallop into the 21st century...

We weren't certain how to respond to Jacob's news, at least for the first 1.32 seconds. And then we smiled.

Victory can take many forms, and it is nearly always built with understanding, compromise and a willingness to listen. When we declared early in our campaign that we had no enemies, only friends whose minds we hoped to change (tm the inestimable and priceless dr_whuh), we were, we hoped, sending that message to our friends at Television Without Pity.

We think that the strategy worked. We want to thank all of you -- all of us -- for hewing to the concepts of friendly, civilized effort.
And, whilst the universe does continually punish overweening hubris, we don't think it is too arrogant to believe that our efforts had something to do with this outcome.

Had you not joined with us to make The Oncoming Recaps a reality, had you not written letters, and made your thoughts known to Wing Chun, Sars, Glark, and their senior colleagues at BRAVO/NBC, we think it is entirely possible that we might never have seen any further recapping of Doctor Who, in any form whatsoever.

It is not the dramatic and complete victory that we all dreamed of, and hoped for. We can all be forgiven for feeling that momentary twinge of disappointment - before realizing what a victory it is to have convinced the folks at TWoP (who, remember, are still learning the ways of their adoptive corporate parents, which can't be at all easy) to offer Jacob this opportunity to address S3. And, as he said, possibly get the chance to enjoy a brief look at Torchwood through his eyes as well.

To Wing Chun and her colleagues at TWoP: thank you for what you have done. You listened, and we appreciate it.

So...with Jacob's news, and, we believe, his approval, we are ending this campaign...

...But The Oncoming Recaps has proven to us that we have an extra-special community here, people who love not only Doctor Who and Jacob's recaps, but good writing, a fantastic British cultural phenomenon, and who knows what else? In fact, we think that TOR might well stand for something other than recaps, oncoming or otherwise, in the long run.

And once again, that's where you come in. Can you see a future for us all here, in the lovely site that lyrical violet designed for us? We're putting out an RFP (a request for proposals for those not versed in the bureaucratic secrets of government contracts) to all of you. Consider it a chance to brainstorm. What, if anything, would you like to see here on TOR? What would you like to contribute? What would you like to see us do in future?

We already have one idea: charity recaps. After all, one of TWoP's most fantastic traditions is its Tubey's Kids charity drives. They combine the fun of getting recaps of your favorite shows with the shiny pride of having raised money for a good cause to "buy" those recaps. Other fandoms on TWoP (hellooooo, 'scapers!) have made charity recaps a specialty and we think that's the kind of win-win activity all of y'all might excel at.

But there are lots of other possibilities, too. News? Poetry? Fics? Essays? Plain ol' regular conversation? Nine and Ten beefcake pics? Coordinated plans to take over the world?

Let us know. And stick around. We've had so much fun getting to know you, we don't want to let you get away.