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The Meet Market after TWOP

Inside the TARDIS
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A home for Who fans who lost the TARDIS Meet Market forum when TWoP died
This community was created to attempt to reverse the unfortunate decision by the website Television Without Pity (aka TWoP) to cancel their recaps of the TV show Doctor Who.

A decision that affects the global community of fans who avidly read the recaps by TWoP staff writer Jacob Clifton, the cancellation was staved off for two years, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts and dedication of TWoP site-founders Glark, Wing Chung, and Sars. We take this moment to thank them for their efforts not only as fans of Doctor Who, but also as members of the larger TWoP community. Through hard work and dedication, they built a site we all love--one in which snark and intelligence are prized above all else, where thousands upon thousands come together daily to discuss, dissect, lampoon, and love their favorite television shows.

We hope to reverse Bravo/TWoP's decision and are dedicated to bringing Doctor Who back to prominence as one of TWoP's "Active" shows. We have faith in TWoP and are also dedicated to finding ways to increase not only the numbers of postings (specifically in the Doctor Who forum, but also site-wide), but also the number of members. We hope that, through our efforts, by bringing more people to the site and the threads, we can prove to the Powers That Be at TWoP and Bravo that Doctor Who is still a show deserving of the site's own particularly witty and engrossing brand of editorial coverage.

Help us try and reverse this decision and keep TWoP as we love it and have known it to be: snarky, smart, unapologetic and uncompromising.

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