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Welcome To Anyone Who Makes It Here

Hello All!

I have no idea if any of you are out there; I waited so long to get this place up and running again (after mentioning it so often back on the LINDA thread at Television Without Pity), and have yet to finish what I wanted to do to get it ready for visitors, that I doubt many folks will remember that I even invited people to show up.

Be that as it may, and no matter how many things need to be done to make it completely comfortable - welcome! Make yourself at home here, feel free to chat about everything that we used to chat about when LINDA was settled elsewhere. We can talk about Doctor Who (of course we will), and chocolate, and how our days have been, and work, and the strange and wonderful things that happen to us every day that we want to share with each other.

I'll stop by regularly to say hello, to welcome people - and to sweep out cobwebs and do a little redecorating that I should have gotten done about three weeks ago.

Just start the chat, we'll figure out how we're going to keep it going; I think there's tea in the cupboard, and several tins of biscuits. There are lots of mugs, some sugar, some milk and cream ... that should do for a start.
TARDIS at Giverny
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Sunday, June 1

Conversation post: Sunday, 1st June

Hello, all - this is just my attempt to provide a daily anchor post in the community, one that allows people to have a conversation that's at least a little like the conversations we used to have in LINDA. Just respond to this post with whatever you want, and we can have the conversation here. I'll start a new one every Sunday so that one post won't get humongous (she stops, laughs ruefully, then goes on).

So what happens if a conversation lasts more than a week? We'll figure that out when it happens.

That doesn't mean you can't post separate posts here - far from it! This is just an experiment to see how we can keep multiple conversations in one place.

And I can start by asking how everyone spent last evening; if you dropped in at all on TWoP or Linda to make your goodbyes. I saw some of you there, and was amazed at the amount of emotion with which folks were posting, especially in the "Goodbye TWoP" thread.

I was successful in capturing all the Doctor Who General Gabbery threads, and I'll now be figuring out whether I can put the whole set in a zip file that would be manageable to email, for the folks who wanted them, or whether I might have to get them to you via Dropbox or Gdocs. I'll let people know.
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End of An Era

Goodbye TWoP

So, I've been living through the end of TWoP and, perforce, the end of the Meet Market, our SCHHHHH, LINDA starting point. It's been wonderful to see folks drop by who I never thought paid attention to our little corner of the vast TWoP universe, and folks I've known and come to truly love as well.

*looks at watch*

It should be over now; it's 10:20 p,m., Chicago time, twenty minutes after the last light should have been put out (12 midnight, New York time).

And I hope to see folks from there visit here - hello all; welcome to a new livingroom!

TWoP - Bring Back Jacob's Recaps

I don't know how many of you still subscribe to TOR, however, there is a new thread at Television Without Pity acting as a sort of petition to bring back the recaps.  So far, the people who have responded to it do not look like they are members/subscribers of TOR, but it looks like people are looking for a way to get people together for the same purpose you all came together here - to coerce Television Without Pity to reassign recaps for Doctor Who written by staff writer Jacob Clifton. 

The thread is here if anyone is interested in seeing what everyone has to say.

But, what do you all say?  I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention to see if maybe the time is right to again try to get these back.  The season isn't complete without those recaps.

ETA:  Jacob/Bayliss has locked the thread for now, and has stated that only the moderators of a particular section ever see the threads themselves.  However...
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Tuesday is WHOSday

Watching Albion Break
Going to 19th Century Scotland? Sure, it's all fun and games, until the werewolf breaking out of its cage to eat you and the kitchen help looks at you with its black contacts and accesses your connection to the Infinite....

Tuesday is still WHOSday - because it's so much fun - so return with us to the days when Victoria learned the downside of magic, Ten licked walls and red monks did BBC-fu. Return with us to the recap of "Tooth and Claw."  Since it's dense, beautiful and totally engrossing, you may well have some neat things to talk about in the forum as well. See you there!

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Recap re-read

Cat(nun)ing Around
If there's a way to say Cassandra without mentioning cats, cat-nuns, or cattiness, we can't think of any - but you may find much better descriptions of the bitchy trampoline in the recap of New Earth, our recap re-read for this week. It's time to get reintroduced to a one of Nine's least favorite Human purebreds, even as we're trying to get a handle on Ten. Read, enjoy and post in the forum!
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Let's See How Far We've Come

For those of you who haven't hit the TWoP boards yet, or who don't check the TWoP front page, please note that Jacob's Series Three recap is up!

Note that there are HUGE spoilers for the final episode of S3, so if you haven't seen it yet, you might wanna lay off until, oh, about 10 pm tonight.

Our sincerest thanks to the PTB at TWoP for bringing us this final recap.

And always, our complete and heartfelt thanks to Jacob for three years of recappy goodness. You helped guide the community that was built on TWoP, and we here at oncoming_recaps can only hope that you got as much from us as we got from you.

Gratias ago vos, Jacob.
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Dance Me to the End of Time....and Back

Last of the Time Lords
Keep him on your dance card
(What do you mean, "Which One?")
    Welcome to the end of the a) world, b) S3, c) the waltz between our heroes, our villains and our victims. No matter how you roll, you don't want o miss the final  episode of Series 3.
    It's a curious life, the life of a Time Lord, what with the running, and the fighting, and the making mistakes and the not making mistakes, and the dancing, and the running again, and the occasionally being called on everything. See what you think of Last of the Time Lords and talk about it over on TwoP then drop by here, as well! (We won't say goodbye, we'll just say see you until then, yes?)
Rose hopes

"You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I."

The Great Recap ReRead soldiers on to the end of Series One. Jackie and Mickey save the universe with a big yellow truck, and in the process learn that time travel isn't so bad, and that Rose will always choose the Doctor--respectively. Lynda-with-a-Y learns that even Rouge Time Agents and Lonely Time Lords can be wrong. Jack learns that love doesn't keep them from abandoning you. We learn, vis a vis Rose, what all this Bad Wold malarky is about. The Doctor learns that love doesn't keep them from doing what you want, and dies to get his way.

We're reading The Parting of the Ways recap today, then discussing it on the forums.